My home loan summary

How much can I borrow?

Your income details
Gross annual income:$50,000
Gross anuual income 2:$0
Additional income:$0
Your expense details
General monthly expenses:$0
Other monthly repayments:$0
Loan details
Loan amount:$276,100
Interest Rate:6.74% p.a.
Loan term:30 years
Payment frequency:Monthly
You could borrow up to:$276,100.00
Monthly repayments:$1,788.94
You have chosen to borrow:$276,100.00
Monthly repayments:$1,788.94

My start-up costs

These costs are related to your property purchase price

State:Select state
Property price:$276,100
Planned Savings:$21,000
Government Fees and Charges
- Mortgage registration:$0
- Transfer Fee:$0
- Stamp Duty on property:$0
Total Government Fees and Charges:$0
Lenders Mortgage Insurance:$0
Total Start up costs:$0
Loan required for property:$0

Discover how much you need to start getting serious about a home loan and buying a home. Calculate your deposit, stamp duty and more.


Saving towards my start-up costs

Start up costs target:$0
Savings to date:$0
Interest rate:0% p.a.
Regular savings:
You need to save:$0
Required savings:$0
You will reach your target in:1 year 2 months

Create a savings plan to reach your start-up costs goal sooner. Calculate what you'll need put away over how long.